The main goal of the branding idea presented below is to create a specific atmosphere, through the moon symbol, accentuating the boldness of the night. Its eclectic style that combines various elements of decoration was a challenge to be represented through the logo and the visual identity.

For that, I’ve created the letters for the ONIRIC logotype from scratch, inspired by the contrasting forms of the cocktails glasses and the roundness of the moon.

The thin and thick anatomy of the letters expresses the very basic meaning of the word ONIRIC, which is a state of dreaming.

The client wanted the moon to be the central symbol and message of the brand, in the most minimalistic approach so that the specific of the restaurant can be transmitted quickly and efficiently with a minimum of interventions.

In the client’s view, the best experiences for the customers can be achieved during the night, due to the moon on the sky and the light effects from the projectors that will sustain a magical vibe.

Visual identity