MA Degree

“Consuming myself” is my Master Degree project from Bucharest National University of Arts. The thesis collects statistic and other scientific data’s that points to the endangered species. This is caused by the ridiculous amount of consumption and unethical, negative storage and recycle of the waste left behind. The danger touches not only the endangered species but all of the people around the globe too, with an impact on both emotional and financial sides.

As a design method which I’ve applied in order to get this object-book done (object-book refers to a one of a kind object) is the dystopian-surrealist objects and daily basis situations that most of us encounter. This impossible objects represent the idea of the human species thrown in an illogical and frustrating world due to the harsh living conditions as a consequence of its own actions (the objects that turn against the user).

I’ve chosen to deliver the message through the impossible objects and situations illustrated in the dystopian-surrealist mode, because for a human, the objects that surround and help him, are more than a piece of material with a design (utility) function. They can become a story, a form of language, a mirror of ourselves and a symbol for a certain era, activity or culture or a form of beauty (per individual or by tribalism – branding term).

As long as we will be needing objects (an object can be a rudimental spear too) in order to live, they will represent our weakness and our strength. It depends on us how we treat the balance in the favor of mankind and the nature.

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